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Looking for Filipino Friendly Mortgage, Insurance or Kiwisaver help, or to be in contact with a financial adviser or mortgage broker who is Pilipino friendly? Kabayan! We find many hardworking Filipino families want to know about financial related matters, such as how to buy a house, insurances, government welfare, KiwiSaver and more. This website helps you to get this information, and it is a nice idea to discuss this with a professional and Pinoy Friendly financial adviser.

With great guidance, you can own your own home, protect your family, and thrive in New Zealand.


Want to manage your debts? Want to improve your finances? Are you thinking about matters such as insurance, how to buy a house in New Zealand, and so on? This website will help you learn more about this and is dedicated to help our amazing Filipino community in New Zealand, and help the fellow Kabayan.

We are proud to guide many Filipinos into buying their first home and also become financially free. Our understanding of family requirements, the New Zealand system and also common misconceptions about finance allow us to provide you with the best information. As an example, did you know that you may be able to get up to $20,000 worth of government assistance towards buying your first home? Or that if you buy in certain parts of the country that you may need to buy a house of a certain value in order to get this? We know the facts and want to help you.

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