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Many Filipino migrants to New Zealand who are now residents or citizens are finding it can be a great chance for them to save money.



KiwiSaver has many general advantages. Some of these include that it means extra money from the employer. That means that a company a worker is working for can usually get 3% more money from that employer. It also allows you some benefits such as the member tax credits (MTC) to receive additional money from the government.


Use of KiwiSaver

There are reasons why KiwiSaver is used and there are different examples of these. Such examples are that:


  • To buy a first house (KiwiSaver money can be used under certain guidelines to help for the downpayment to buy your first house to live in)

    • Retirement (When retiring, KiwiSaver can provide extra additional money needed to meet some of the expenses when retired)


In other rare cases, KiwiSaver can be withdrawn for financial hardship reasons.


Free to join

Generally it is free to join KiwiSaver. And there are different providers offering it each with their own advantages or disadvantages.