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Home Loans


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Many Filipinos in New Zealand own a house, and they have managed to secure this by the help of a professional mortgage broker.


Also, did you know that right now the New Zealand government is giving a grant of up to $20,000 per couple towards buying their first house, in certain circumstances?


New Zealand has many great options for home loans, however it can also be challenging to get a home loan. In the recent years, it has been challenging because of the bank criteria getting harder and harder to satisfy.

Click here for a free home loan assessment

When you want to buy a home, you will need to think about questions such as:

Am I going to live in the house, or rent it out?

Where will my deposit or downpayment come from? (Such as savings, KiwiSaver, any applicable government grants?)

What is my income or salary?

What are the loans and other debts that I have?

How much do I want to borrow?

Depending on the answers to these types of questions, there can be different criteria or different possibilities as to whether you can or cannot get a home loan.

For a person’s first home, depending on the criteria, they may be able to withdraw their KiwiSaver and use it towards buying their first house. They can also possibly get up to $20,000 per couple (Or $10,000 per individual) towards buying their first house.

Fortunately with the help of a “Pinoy Friendly” professional mortgage broker or financial adviser, it can hopefully be possible to help secure the home of your dreams. A good mortgage broker can talk to you about your options, and discuss with you what type of home loan or property you might be able to buy.

Most of the lenders and banks in New Zealand are reasonably competitive with interest rates. Some will also offer cashback, but this is usually only if your downpayment is greater than 20%